| June 8, 2014

Bacon. Its the food that you really can't say no to.

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"Bacon Mania" is a real thing, and is also a real term that describes the quick rise in the number of bacon sales and bacon recipe in the U.S. since 2011.

These recipes hold nothing back. From bacon-shelled tacos to Paula Deen bacon crisps, our hand-picked collection of outrageously delicious bacon recipes will seriously make you rethink what a person can do with the best combination of salt, pork, and love this earth has to offer...bacon.

RECIPE: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies  

Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

This classic take on the classic ( but oh-so boring) breakfast item, the hard-boiled egg, gets a bacon-infused, jalapeno kick like no other. Even though deviled eggs takes some time to prepare, this recipe makes it all worth it (obviously all due to the bacon). Check out the full recipe over at realhousemoms.com!

Maple Bacon Shortbread

This sweet-and-savory treat could be something made for breakfast, lunch, and why we're at it, why not dinner? (We didn't even mention dessert!) Shortbread is already a delicious option anytime during the calendar year, so give this one a try next time you can't decide between something salty or something sweet. Give this recipe a try over at ClosetCooking!

Katies Cucina
Bacon Popcorn

Everyone's favorite movie-staple, popcorn, just got turned up to the next level. This recipe takes two munchable snacks and combines them. Bacon. Popcorn. Anything else? Learn how to make this delicious treat for yourself from our friends over at KatiesCucina!

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Do yourself a big favor and read the title again. Chocolate. Covered. Bacon. This recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything (what a nice name) calls for milk chocolate with some white chocolate for decoration. We strongly feel that any combination of chocolate and bacon will work, but check out the full step-by-step recipe here!

The Bacon Weave Taco

We were floored when we discovered this amazing bacon creation. Tacos are delicious as they are, but this bacon-woven shell creates a supportive (and probably more structurally sound) shell that houses all your favorite taco fixings. Take a look at this seriously outrageous-yet-delicious recipe at Dude Foods! (We also just featured another recipe from dude foods, the amazing 'Alphabet Sandwich' which features one ingredient from every letter of the alphabet. We will let you guess what the 'B' ingredient is...)