| December 19, 2013

Every year around this time, we're bombarded with holiday TV commercials. The bulk of them involve Hess trucks, or polar bears drinking Coke, or some guy opening his garage door to find that his wife has purchased him a brand-new Lexus topped with an oversized bow.

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Very rarely are these commercials memorable, but when they do manage to make an impact, they really hit hard. In fact, it seems like a lot of the following ads were designed with the intention of turning us into weepy, sobby messes, rather than to convince us to buy what's being advertised.

Just try to keep from getting teary-eyed during the following commercials. (Go ahead and secure your heartstrings, because they're about to be tugged.)

#1. Teen Crafts the Perfect Gift With Help From His Apple iPhone

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#2. Little Girl Bakes Publix Cookies For Jolly Fat Man

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#3. John Lewis' Animated Forest Creatures Plan a Holiday Surprise

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#4. Young Couple Gives Neighbor the Surprise of a Lifetime With Help From Kohl's

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#5. Man Goes to Zales, Then Treks to Girlfriend's Workplace From Furthest Possible Balloon Store

#6. Tesco Ad Sees Family Evolve, Enjoy Gravy

#7. Santa Meets WestJet Fliers Pre-Flight, Prepares Christmas at Destination