| December 11, 2012

It’s time to think INSIDE the box … DVD box sets that is!

Whether you are shopping this holiday season for that die-hard film buff, or looking to treat yourself to some movie merriment, we’ve put together the top DVD sets on the market.

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So what’s topping our wish list?

Bond 50

Connery, Brosnan, Dalton or Craig?  Who was the Bond ever in the film's 50-year franchise?  Celebrating five decades of the man with the license to kill, you can now own every film ever produced, all in one (it’s like a Q gadget in DVD form!) You’ll get the 22 features plus one full disc with sit-down interviews with all the Bonds plus bonus features.  A great piece to start (or complete) any James Bond Blu-ray collection.

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The Dark Knight Trilogy

The groundbreaking Batman 3-pack is all in one and ready to be watched over, and over and over again.  Christopher Nolan rewrote the book on how to produce comic-book movies, so get ready to relish in his dark, dirty and expertly written big-budget masterpieces. The Blu-ray is jam-packed with tons of extras, but for you core movie fans, the DVD pack will do just fine.  Get. This. Now.

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Entourage: The Complete Series

Craving some Turtle, Drama, Vinny, Eric and Arri in your life?  Then have no fear, “Entourage: The Complete Series” is here. Re-watch some of the most outlandish “Entourage” moments (remember when Arri when ballistic with a paintball gun?!).  Catch the entire season plus 6 hours of bonus content on the blu-ray special.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Master Collection.

Harness the Master of Suspense in the new “Alfred Hitchcock: The Master Collection.” With the famed director still making waves at the box office, what better way to research this iconic filmmaker than by viewing some of his most acclaimed work.  The 15-movie set includes classics like “Rope,” “Rear Window,” and “Pyscho.”  Don’t be scared to buy this for any film lover!

Taratino XX8-film Collection

Calling all Tarantino fans!  The gritty, Kung-fu loving, gangster film directing, soundtrack addicting master film-smith just released the “Tarantino XX8-film Collection” and the box set is definitely worth unboxing.  “Pulp Fiction,” “Inglourious Basterds,” the ever classic “Reservoir Dogs,” “Kill Bill” Volumes 1 and 2, and a few others are getting their spotlight in this blu-ray bundle.