| December 4, 2012

When it comes to giving holiday gifts,  it's the thought that counts.

But sometimes, shopping for a special lady in your life isn't easy - no matter how well you think you know what she likes.

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To avoid any gift-giving faux pas, here are six options you may want to pass on purchasing…and six wiser alternatives.


Don't Give Her: Perfume

Fragrances are generally a personal preference, so unless you know which one she wants or already enjoys wearing, steer clear.

Do Give Her: Custom Fragrance

Bathbar.com, Gift certificate

If you know she enjoys a variety of fragrances, give her the chance to design her own!

Don't give her: Appliances

Things that come with warranties tend not to be high on wish lists.  This includes small vacuums, blenders, coffee makers, clothing steamers, and the like. All things we can pick up while running an errand any time of the year.

Do Give Her: Gourmet Coffee

Make a gift special by giving her something she can do or make with an appliance she already has. For example, if you know she loves making coffee, get her five pounds of her favorite blend. Or if she has a waffle maker, a special-flavored pancake mix.

Don't Give Her: An Outfit

Don't gamble with a gift that depends on someone's personal style.

Do Give Her: Basics and Essentials

Cotton Sweater, Llbean.com, $49.95

If you do decide to get her clothes, stick with the basics.

Don't Give Her: Knick Knacks

Unless she has a trunk full of collectibles, tchotchkes, or trinkets, take a pass on this gift idea.

Do GIve Her: The Gift of Storage

Crochet Storage Boxes, TheContainerStore.com, $29.99 Each

A woman can never have too much storage space.

Don't Give Her: A Gift Set

Gift sets that offer a variety of scented body washes, gels, lotions, and sprays sound lovely …but they aren't exactly the spice of life. Also, she's probably still working her way through the one she received last year.

Do Give Her: A Snuggly Bathrobe

Simply Basic Plush Robe, Walmart.com, $15

Instead of gift sets, how about giving her something that will add a little luxury to bath time?