6 Quirky Christmas Tree Ornaments

6 Quirky Christmas Tree Ornaments

There's no right or wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree.

From traditional colorful balls to popcorn garlands and candy canes, the possibilities are endless!

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But if you're looking to add some whimsical flair to your Christmas tree this year, here are some not-so-typical ornamental baubles:

Motherboard Christmas Ornaments, $19.99, set of 3

What tech geek wouldn't love these recycled computer motherboard ornaments?

Dinosaur Ornament, $12

Dinosaurs can be festive, too!

Spangled Sea Lobster
(Tree Pets |
Welsh Corgi Christmas Ornament Feather Tree, $12

Tree Pets is an Etsy shop that specializes in quirky but cute handmade ornaments.

Pickle Ornament, $6

Based on a tradition of hiding and finding the Christmas tree pickle.