| February 7, 2013

When we think of bookcases, several adjectives come to mind: tall, rectangular, wooden. 

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Sure, those are perfect for storing and displaying your favorite reads, but why limit yourself to the tried, true, and practical?

If you're a bookworm with an eye for design, check out these unique shelving options that think, so to speak, outside the box.

Here's a statement piece.
Malagana Bookshelves, contact for pricing

Turn your book collection into a work of art.
Kartell Bookworm Modern Bookshelf by Ron Arad, $455

Why be square when you can go round?
"Read Your Book Case", Contact for pricing

A friendly reminder not to let your books just collect dust.
Metamorfosis Bookshelf

Hand-carved bookshelf by artist, Sebastian Errazuriz.
Invisible Bookshelf, $14

Or you can just forgo the whole shelf situation altogether.
CRASH - Plywood Bookcase

A shelving system that speaks, and holds, volumes.