Zitta Schnitt
| November 15, 2012

November 15th was "America Recycles Day."

If you think recycling is just about separating paper from plastic, think again. There are plenty of creative and crafty ways to re-use those old bottles and glasses.

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So get out your glue gun and scissors, because we're bringing you some crafty recycling projects:


Paris Tsitsos
Bottle Bottom Coin Purses

Designer Zitta Schnitt inspires us to think outside of the "recycling" box with these adorable coin purses made from the bottoms of soda bottles.

To follow more of Zitta's work, visit her Facebook page.

Tali Buchler
Paper Rolls Wall Art

The U.S. tosses millions of paper rolls a year. You'd never think to collect and turn them into gorgeous wall art. Tali Buchler shares this ridiculously easy DIY Project on her blog.

Green Pillow Box

Greenupgrader.com shows us how to turn empty cereal boxes into pillow gift boxes.

Magazine Bowls

Use old magazines to create charming bowls, like this one we spotted on Lori's blog.

Creative Packaging

If you plan on sending presents via post this holiday season, here's a great way to save on packaging. Our favorite gals over at A Beautiful Mess show us how easy it is to do using paper grocery bags.

Stacie Grissom
And Finally...Record Bowls

Old records might not be on the top of your list of things to recyle, but before you toss them, check out Stacie Grissom's tutorial for melting them into decorative bowls.