| March 6, 2013

The 90's don't seem like they were that long ago, so this bathroom renovation may seem unnecessary to some readers.

But aside from being drab and dated, the bath and shower had been unusable for five years due to one really bad contractor's work.

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The time was long overdue for the owners of this master bath to finally have a gorgeous and functional bathroom.

Claire Bock
Say "Goodbye," Jacuzzi

Gone are the brown tones and brass hardware — they have been replaced with carrera marble, polished chrome hardware and sleek grey tones. The oversize jacuzzi tub was removed as it was never used and the owner found it a nightmare to clean. Jacuzzi tubs are nice in concept but I continually see old ones that no longer work and are more of an eyesore than anything.

Claire Bock
Fluorescents Be Gone

The cabinetry in the bathroom prior to the makeover, made of gold and white laminate on medium-density fiberboard, was falling apart. The vanity cabinets were replaced with solid wood cabinetry. The lighting above the vanity was office style fluorescent panels that were changed out to standard can lighting with bulbs that are much more flattering on the skin tone than fluorescent bulbs.

Claire Bock
From Laminate to Solid Wood Cabinetry

Thinking about updating your own bathroom? Keep in mind that investing in simple, practical, and quality details will eventually pay for themselves.