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The holiday season means plenty of things: Christmas trees, decorations, cocktail parties, hot chocolate, family time, and oh yes, the holiday office gift swap.

While Secret Santa can be fun, co-workers can be hard to shop for — especially if you don't know them well!

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So if you're stumped this season, check out some of the ideas below:
Grid Ultimate Organizer, $9.99 - $14.99

This gift should be a hit with gadget lovers, the super organized, anyone with a huge purse, or those who wear pocket protectors.
Shark Socks, $8, 3 for $20

For that colleague who always gets jazzed about "Shark Week."
Folk Flora Rolling Pin, $18

For the co-worker who always brings in tasty treats.
Jot Stylus Pen, $17.59 - $23.99

A great accessory for iPad addicts.
Bolt Interactive Laser Toy, $19.99

For the co-worker who loves talking about their cat.

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Star Wars Mimobot USB Flash Drive, $19.99

Give them the gift of memory ... and "the force".

Who wouldn't love a perpetual to-go coffee cup?
Tea Sub, $14

Tea enthusiasts will get a chuckle out of this fun brewing accessory.
Burt's Bees Bundle of Joy Basket, $19.29

Help your cubicle mate beat dry winter skin.

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Wine Bottle Gift Set, $14.98

For the co-worker who appreciates a glass of fine wine.
H&M Purse, $12.95

A simple, yet festive accessory is a perfect gift for the office fashionista.
Lump Of Coal Cachette, $18

Office grinch, anyone?