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Now that there's a new royal on the way, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will need to start thinking about their baby registry.

But ordinary gifts won't suffice for the third in line to the throne.  After all, the birth of a royal baby is no common occurrence, and deserves to be commemorated with one-of-a-kind gifts fit for a king (or queen). In other words, this kid's presents are gonna cost big bucks.

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Luckily, the internet is full of must-have items for Will and Kate's little bundle of joy. From baby grand pianos to extravagant wellies, have a look at some of the most lavish offerings below.

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Diaper Bag

With such a stylish bag on her arm, Kate might actually be excited to change diapers.

Gucci, $1,110
'Cheval à Bascule' Sterling Silver Spoon and Fork Set

Just to ensure the royal baby will be born with a silver spoon — and fork — in its mouth.

Hermès, $540
Fancy Baby Grand Piano

A baby grand piano for the royal-to-be  to develop his or her musical talents.

BergdorfGoodman, $165
Eco-Friendly Silk Baby Sling

These slings are made from rare, hand-loomed and naturally dyed silk. They also come in a multitude of colors to match Kate's outfits.

Sakura Bloom, $540

Burberry Check Rainboots

We can expect the new baby to come across a few puddles in his or her day., $150
The Roddler- Kustom Series

Why get a baby stroller when you can get The Rodder, a hand built all Aluminum 6061 T6 grade stroller. It might not be Kate's style, but it fits a royal budget.

KidKustoms, $4,495
Gucci Mini Fur-Trimmed Snowsuit

An Italian-made fur-trimmed snowsuit for colder days.

Berdordgoodman, $675
Hand-Tuned Baby Rattles from HBC Rattles

This gold plated baby rattle can start the baby off with a taste for the best.

Luxist, $200
Diamond-Studded Pacifier

Made of 14-carat white gold and three carats of diamonds, this pacifier might be the priciest thing Kate's baby could lose while crawling around the floors of Kensington Palace., $17,000
Silver Bubble Wand

Common babies blow bubbles with saliva. Royal babies blow bubbles with sterling silver wands.

Barneys New York, $145
Steiff Riding Bear

Why settle for a regular teddy?

Barneys, $570