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Election Day is upon us. Hype for the 2012 presidential election is at its peak and with it comes a variety of political bumper stickers, flags, T-shirts ... and body lotion?

Plenty of companies are taking advantage of election fervor by offering products with a political twist.

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Whether you vote red or blue this year, check out some of the items available for your Election Night party:
Election Cupcakes

These election-themed treats from Georgetown Cupcake are sure to win the popular vote. Choose any combination of chocolate and vanilla you like — and of course,  fondant decorations that feature either an elephant or donkey.

RECIPE: Georgetown Cupcake's Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Dart Boards

Keep your eyes on the prize with these election-themed dart boards.


Red and Blue Bourbon

See which bottle of Bourbon whiskey goes first at your election party — and if your preferred candidate loses, take comfort with what's left over.

Election Cookie Decorating Set

Bake and decorate cookies shaped like the mascots of each political party.

Godiva Truffle Pops

Last but not least, a tasty way to show support for your political party.

Available: Godiva Boutiques
Bliss Body Lotion

We’re not sure why you would need election-themed body lotion, but if you do, you're in luck. Bliss offers both ‘Mint’ Romney and ‘O’bama (orange-scent).