| November 8, 2012

Cleaning is often seen as a chore, but it's easy to make it more fun by adding some whimsical supplies to your routine.

Flower-shaped scrubbers, printed dustpans and cupcake-themed sponges are just some of the options available. 

Have a look below to get inspired:


Pastry Sponges

Tango-home.com, $4.17 each

These adorable sponges look good enough to eat.

Botanical Dustpan

Tango-home.com, $14.95

Look past the dirt with this colorful dustpan.

Flower Dish Brushes

Pier1.com, $6.95 each

See the brighter side of dish duty with these cheerful scrub brushes.

Red Cherry Dishwashing Gloves

Elizabethsembellishments.com, $13.95

Trade in those boring, yellow rubber gloves for this stylish pair, available in different colors and patterns.

Cyber® Clean

TheContainerStore.com, $7.99

This Play-Doh-like substance picks up dirt and kills germs in tiny crevices.

Safari Sponges

QVC.com, $18.19

Tackle any surface with these animal-print sponges.


Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun

ThinkGeek.com, $29.99

Get the ultimate revenge on flighty critters.

Goldfish Garbage Bags

Seltzerstudios.com, $12

Add  a little humor to trash duty with these silly garbage bags.

Mini Robot Vacuum

Fredflare.com, $16

Perfect for those of us who like to eat at our desks.