Kristin Lehrer
| September 26, 2012

As Fox News Magazine's "At Home" editor, you might think I was capable of keeping house plants alive. Think again. Remembering to water them is a habit I can't seem to nip in the bud (no pun intended).

When I heard about Click and Grow I got excited. It's a device that claims to grow your plants without watering and fertilizing. "Just add batteries, fill the water tank and everything is taken care of." I couldn't resist giving it a try.

Click it, don't pick it
When I received my Click and Grow in the mail, I couldn't wait to get started.  The assembly was pretty self-explanatory,  and the instructions on the packaging clearly explain what the device's different color blinking lights mean (blue means it's time to add more water to the tank).

The device itself looks like it was manufactured by Apple — white plastic, with a rounded square design. It comes with soil and has holes for the plant to grow through.

There are also two removable panels covering the water tank and a battery cartridge. Click and Grow takes four AA batteries, which are not included. This was a total killjoy because I had to go buy some. After inserting the batteries — the tank blinked blue, which meant they were inserted correctly. On a more personal level, it meant, "I didn't kill the plant ... yet."

Next, I filled the tank with water, and snapped the plate covers back on. The light blinked green, which meant I was in business. Hooray!

For the next hour, Click and Grow blinked blue, occasionally making a low whirring noise as it gradually drew water into the soil. The noises weren't annoying, but they were loud enough to pique my cat's curiosity.

Here we grow
Click and Grow's noises stopped after the first day and I never saw it blink again. I assumed the "magic" was happening while I was at work. Some days I wondered if the batteries were dead. Despite these concerns, my plant continued to grow.

Eight weeks later, my plant was four inches high and it finally made a noise. The light was blinking blue, so I removed a plate and realized it was time to water it again.

My plant has yet to bloom, but I'm happy to report that it is still alive.

Final Thoughts
As promised, Click and Grow really does make gardening a snap. I would definitely consider buying more kits to grow my own indoor herb garden or give one as a housewarming gift.

Click and grow starter kits are $59.99. There are several plants to choose from like basil, chili peppers, thyme, mini tomatoes, busy lizzy, French marigolds, lemon balm or cockscomb. Refills are $19.90.

Kristin Lehrer
Click and Grow: 8 Weeks Later