| December 30, 2013

The Queen upset granddaughter-by-marriage Kate Middleton this weekend. It appears HRH wasn't super gracious when it came to Kate Middleton's dog. Oh, and Kate's got a new celeb BFF.

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And in other royal news, Prince Harry and potential princess Cressida Bonas plan to reunite for New Year's Eve

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'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts came out on Facebook this weekend. She thanked her long-time girlfriend in a post that showed she has a lot to be thankful for.

Joan Rivers is continuing to bash Jennifer Lawrence. She's even made a New Year's resolution about the 'Hunger Games' star.

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Britney Spears is getting paid oodles for her Las Vegas residency. But apparantly not enough to actually, you know, sing.

Speaking of Britney, apparently Miley Cyrus now loves her. Last week, she was tongue-kissing a Victoria's Secret model. Ah, youth.

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Everyone knows that restaurants jack up their prices for New Year's Eve. But what could Applebee's possibly have been thinking?

A couple of hot 'Friends' former co-stars spent the weekend in Mexico, offering up proof that middle age doesn't mean you can't still show off your hot bikini body.

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Beyonce completely overachieved on her latest album.

Keira Knightley joined Twitter. But she quit after 12 hours.

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Khloe Kardashian can't wait for the year to end. No surprise there.

Oh, and North West got a Lamborghini just like her dad's. Only smaller.

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