| January 10, 2014

Here's what's happening in our corner of the world:

Nicole Kidman did a few topless Jimmy Choo ads. From the looks of them, her heavy handbags and stiletto heels have thrown her off balance, and she's tumbled to the floor. (Very stylishly, of course.)

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Lindsay Lohan's upcoming reality series for OWN is proving to be a huge pain in the butt for Oprah Winfrey. "This is just what everyone warned me would happen," Winfrey said about the nightmarish production.

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Public Enemy hype-man Flava Flav was caught driving almost 80 miles per hour on the way to his mother's funeral. Cops arrested Flav after discovering he had 16 suspensions on his license and a small amount of marijuana, but he made it to his mom's funeral anyhow.

Because she's so widely admired for prudishly covering herself up, Kate Upton posed for the cover of V magazine both with clothes and without.

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The next season of "Boardwalk Empire" is the last season of "Boardwalk Empire," says HBO. They had no comment about whether or not the whole series turns out to be a dream inside Steve Buscemi's head, though.

Former "Jersey Shore" castmember and current "Snooki & JWoww" star JWoww debuted her new blonde (blondish?) hair on Facebook the other day.

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Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin ("The Social Network," "The West Wing") is dating Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, reports Page Six.

Cesar Millan's days of dog-whispering are far from over. Nat Geo Wild is giving him a new show, because dogs still need whispering, whether viewers enjoy watching that or not.

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Zac Efron told Glamour that he doesn't object to having sex on the first date. In other obvious news, refrigerators keep things cold. Just something to think about.

Trace Adkins is the latest country artist to back out of a concert at SeaWorld due to their mistreatment of animals, following Trisha Yearwood, Willie Nelson and Martina McBride.

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Lena Dunham and the producers of "Girls" got really mad at a reporter who felt there was too much Dunham-based nudity on the show.

Justin Bieber might have been throwing eggs at his neighbor's house last night. And when we say "might have," we mean "probably was," because the neighbor has a little bit of video evidence.

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And finally, Shia LaBeouf is continuing to be a jerk, albeit more passive-aggressively. He told his Twitter followers that he was retiring from all forms of retiring from "all public life." (And then he tweeted two more times.)