| July 19, 2013

The royal baby has (finally!) made its grand entrance into the world.

The Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by husband Prince William, arrived at St. Mary's Hospital in London early Monday where she gave birth to a baby boy weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces.

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As we celebrate the arrival of the heir to the British throne, let's take a look back at some of the rumors that surrounded Kate Middleton's pregnancy.

Find out which ones may be true or just plain wild below:

It's a Girl!

Did the Duchess let out a royals slip? Some say yes. In March, it was reported that Middleton nearly revealed the sex of her unborn child. When Middleton was given a teddy bear by 41-year-old well-wisher Diana Burton, she reportedly said, “Thank you, I will take that for my d—” before quickly stopping herself. However, further examination of the encounter revealed that Kate did not actually hint at the child's sex.


No, It’s Taking Too Long…It’s a Boy!

It’s been said that women with overdue pregnancies are more likely to be carrying a boy.  It was widely reported that Kate's due date was July 13, yet she did not enter the hospital until July 22. Does that mean we could expect a little Wills?

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Try Again, It's Twins

What if the royal couple expecting a prince and a princess…or two princes? Or what about two princesses? The idea of Kate carrying twins excited many, especially since twins reportedly run on both sides of the family. However, a statement from St. James’s Palace made it clear that they were having “a baby,” not two.

Baby Will Be Named After Princess Diana

In March, an insider allegedly revealed that a little princess would be named Elizabeth Diana Carole, honoring William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth, Kate’s mother Carole, as well as William’s late beloved mother Princess Diana. While the idea seems like a fitting one, it’s hard to believe that a source would announce the baby’s name and gender months before its arrival.

Birth to be Announced Exclusively on Twitter

Many people get the scoop on what’s going on through social networking, so it only makes sense that the royal birth would be announced on Twitter, right? Not exactly. A palace spokesperson told E! “We haven’t yet made any announcement about how we will announce the birth, but it will not be done exclusively on Twitter.” You can expect the announcement to be placed on an easel located at the palace forecourt, so say “royal sources.”
One Nursery? Please, Take Two

The Duchess reportedly prepared two nurseries: one at Kensington Palace and at her parent’s estate in Bucklebury. Kate was also spotted shopping “at chic London boutiques for throw pillows, rugs, and drapes.” Not enough? Try the luxurious Bugaboo chameleon stroller custom made in “jewel blue with stylish stripes,” costing a reported $1,800. Now that’s what we call a set of wheels.

Bruno Mars to Serenade Kate During Birth

When a woman goes into labor, she needs something to calm her nerves. The rumor here is that Kate created a “labor playlist” on her iPod featuring tunes she wanted to hear while giving birth. What did she download? Some Bruno Mars, as well as Calvin Harris and Of Monsters and Men. 

Condoms…A Baby Shower Gift?

Shopping for a baby shower can be difficult if you’re looking to give an expectant mother a present she’ll never forget. So, why go with the usual Diaper Genie when you could give the mom-to-be a pack of condoms instead? In early July, it was reported that the gift from Finland’s social security service Kela was a pack of condoms “as part of a goodie box.”

Planning for a Pain-Free Delivery?

Some speculated that the Duchess had considered a little-known natural birthing method called hypnobirth, which relies on the power of suggestion to help women have control over their labor with little to no pain.

The Queen Researches Water Birthing

While Kate may have been researching on hypnobirths, her grandmother-in-law Queen Elizabeth visited a birthing maternity unit in Cambridge in May where she learned all about their birthing pool. “The Queen was interested in the birthing pool,” new mother Claire Morris to the press. “Maybe she’s doing some research for Kate—who knows?”

Kate Will Get a Tiara

“Kate will be given a sparkly new tiara, earrings, bracelets, and rings, which she’ll wear for significant occasions—most importantly when William finally ascends to the throne," Now Magazine reported.


All Those Due Dates

Hey kid, what’s the holdup? It seemed like Kate was pregnant beyond nine months and the never-ending guessing about due dates weren't helping matters. Kate's due date was widely reported to be July 13, but her mother Carole reportedly hinted to friends that her grandchild would be born under the star sign Leo, pushing its birth date to sometime around the 23rd. Then it was announced that the actual due date was July 19. But a source told Us Weekly that it’s “not true” and “Kate’s due date has passed.”