By FOX News Magazine


We’re not sure whom we’re more envious of, Gisele Bündchen for dating Tom Brady, or Tom Brady for dating Gisele Bündchen.

As if being the world's most coveted fashion model (and the entertainment world’s 16th richest woman, may we add) or the New England Patriots quarterback (who led his team to three Super Bowl wins, among others) isn't enough, this couple is worth a reported $90 million together. No matter how competitive you are, this would be a tough team to beat.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

Although tennis pro Anna Kournikova never won a WTA title in singles, she scored No. 1 in the world of doubles, both on and off the court. She and her boyfriend, pop star Enrique Iglesias, often enjoy attending sporting events together. From what we can tell, there’s no escaping Enrique’s love.

Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter

Known for dating the captain of the football team in the hit TV show “Friday Night Lights,” Minka Kelly is in a real-life on-again/off-again relationship with Yankees captain Derek Jeter. After breaking up in August of 2011, the two were caught re-kindling their relationship in Paris over the 2012 winter holidays. Although Kelly was most recently spotted rebounding with Wilmer Valderrama, we're still hoping Jeter takes it home with this one.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher

The American Idol winner and hockey hunk Mike Fisher are living a country love song — two years after meeting backstage at one of Underwood’s concerts, Fisher proposed to the country music sweetheart. The two tied the knot in 2010 and Fisher now plays for the Nashville Predators (how fitting!).

Victoria and David Beckham

These two are the closest thing to British royalty as, well, the British royalty themselves. Notorious for their fabulous looks and lavish lifestyle (which both seem to outweigh David’s soccer stardom), no one can help being fascinated by the pair. Victoria was once quoted saying that she would rather have sex than sleep, so it's no wonder she settled down with an athlete!