| November 7, 2013

We often feel that it's our duty to detail all the awkward, cringe-worthy, or out-of-character moments from our favorite awards telecasts — and the CMA Awards are definitely one of our favorites.

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But listen, we'd never say that last night's CMA Awards were bad. Just the opposite, actually. There were plenty of great performances, a few heartfelt tributes, and tons of laughs. But, we must admit, there were a few times when we were momentarily confused by the action on stage, or parts when we felt somewhat embarrassed for the entertainers or presenters.

These were those times:

'Duck Dynasty' Twerking

At the top of the telecast, co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood began singing "Duck Lines," a play on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" with the lyrics changed to reflect … ducks? Or country girls? Or hunting? We couldn't really tell, because once the fellas from A&E's "Duck Dynasty" made a surprise appearance on stage, the crowd erupted. It was a fun moment, but it was kind of awkward to watch Jase, Missy, Willie and Korie half-heartedly dance along. Plus, the guys from "Duck Dynasty" are pretty funny and entertaining on their own, so why resort to having them "twerk" to a hastily written parody just for laughs?

Taylor Swift's Pinnacle Award

We're huge Taylor Swift fans, but did it seem strange to anyone else that she recieved the Pinnacle Award at the age of 23? The only other artist to earn the prestigious prize was Garth Brooks, and that was in 2005, after a career spanning 16 years and more than 10 albums. So why not give it to one of the many other country legends who paved the way for Swift? The Music Times recommended Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn or George Strait.

P. Diddy Plugging His New Project

P. Diddy isn't such a big name in the country world, but he's a mega-producer in the music world, so it kind of made sense when he appeared to present an award alongside Kellie Pickler. "I've always been a, kind of, down-low country music fan — but I'm coming out tonight. I love me some country music, baby!" he shouted to the crowd as they rang out in applause. Then, as the cheering died down, he immediately sucked the sincerity out of his opening statement by adding, "I love all kinds of music, and that's why I started my new music network called Revolt."

The Obamacare Jokes

There's nothing wrong with poking fun at politics. In fact, they're often a topic of discussion at awards ceremonies like these. But this particular joke seemed to drag on and on and on, and just when you thought it was over, it went on some more. It started when Paisley began complaining about his back, to which Underwood told him he should try to sign up for Obamacare. "I started signing up last Thursday and I'm almost done," she said. Then, the two sat down at a computer to get him enrolled. After a few more jokes about the shoddy website, the two broke into a spoof of George Strait's "Amarillo by Morning" retitled "Obamacare by Morning," with lyrics changed to explain how they'll both get hemorrhoids and cataracts by the time they're done signing up.

Jason Mraz Forgets the Words

It was pretty clear that Jason Mraz forgot the words — or at least forgot it was his turn to sing — during his duet with Hunter Hayes. The two performed one of Hayes' catchier hits, "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me," but the song apparently wasn't catchy enough for Mraz. The fedora-topped "I'm Yours" singer got his cue from Hayes after flubbing the first line of his verse.