| March 18, 2014

Britain’s most popular couple may have been busy getting into the Irish spirit for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but some in attendance had other more pressing news in mind.

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The Daily Mail is reporting that Regimental Sgt. Maj. Ray Collister, who participated at the St. Patrick’s Day parade with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, asked Prince William if there were any more little royals on the way.

However, there’s bad news for those hoping that Prince William and wife Kate Middleton will have another royal baby, especially a little princess.

“Maybe one day,” said Prince William. “One’s enough at the moment.”

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“He said maybe when there’s time,” added Collister.

Apparently, 7-month-old Prince George is a handful for the young couple, so those dreams of a new sibling will have to be on hold, at least for now.  

“I asked them all about George, I’m nosey like that,” said guardsman Glenn Tierney to the Daily Mail, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. “They said he’s doing really well and he’s very busy crawling and eating.”

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And while Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently busy sorting out final preparations for their upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand (with Prince George along for the ride), there is one thing the world can possibly look forward to: At next year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, we might see someone besides Middleton recycling a famous outfit.

“I asked him (Prince William) if he’d bring George next time and he said ‘Yes, that’s a good idea,’” said Ray Kidd, a former regimental cook. "(He said) ’I’ll try and get him fitted for the uniform.'"

And how did the proud papa end his day of daily duties? By drinking a pint of Guinness, of course. Meanwhile, Middleton kept it safe with sherry. See for yourself below:

Sherry for the Duchess (and Duke)
Guinness for the Duke