| April 12, 2013

The April tax deadline is just around the corner, everybody. If you haven't yet reported your income to Uncle Sam, it's time to whip out that calculator and start crunching numbers. And who knows, maybe you'll qualify for a big fat refund.

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But you know who actually thinks they should actually be paying more? A bunch of Hollywood celebrities. As it turns out, a lot of musicians, writers, comedians and even CEOs have expressed that very sentiment.

So, in the spirit of tax season, take a look at a few of the stars who are willing to throw down some extra money on this year's returns:

Will Smith

"I'm very supportive of that idea," Will Smith stated of President Obama's proposal of increasing the taxes on the wealthy. His reasoning? "America has been fantastic to me. I have no problem paying whatever I need to pay to keep my country going."

Mark Zuckerberg

During a town hall meeting in which Mark Zuckerberg sat down with Barack Obama, the president brought up the idea of raising taxes on the wealthy. “I’m cool with that,” said the Facebook founder, who is estimated to be worth over $12 billion dollars.


In an interview with CNNMoney, the multimillionaire rapper stated that “most people with a conscience and … some integrity and moral fiber wouldn’t have a problem paying more taxes.”

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, who spoke at this years DNC, said she should be paying more in taxes. While speaking to the crowd, the actress stated that "the Eva Longoria who worked at Wendy's flipping burgers — she needed a tax break. But the Eva Longoria who works on movie sets does not.”

Stephen King

Stephen King, the best-selling horror and suspense author, wrote an article stating that he would be fine paying more taxes, calling it "practical necessity and a moral imperative." He also urges other uber-wealthy celebs to do the same, saying, "those who have received much must be obligated to pay ... in the same proportion."

Chris Rock

“I’ll pay higher taxes," Chris Rock told the Associated Press. "I look at it this way: I can pay higher taxes and people can have jobs, or I can pay lower taxes and I have my kid’s teacher asking me for a loan because she’s going to lose her house, which is true,” said the comedian. “So I’m going to lose the money no matter what.”

Matt Damon

During an interview with journalist Nicholas Ballasy, Matt Damon stated, "I really don’t mind paying more taxes. I’d rather pay for taxes than cut, like, ‘Reading is Fundamental’ or ‘Head Start’ or some of these programs that are really helping kids."

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck entered Bill O'Reilly's "no spin zone" in 2012 to express his belief that people in his situation (i.e. wealthy) should be up for paying more in taxes. "I don't know, you know, what your nut looks like," the actor said to O'Reilly, "but I don't spend so much that I can't afford to pay a little bit more in taxes."