| May 8, 2013

Unlike the other books they made me read along the way in school, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic is one I have picked up again later in life.

This Great American Novel sucks you into the Roaring ‘20s like a whirlwind and keeps you guessing about the true identity and intentions of the mysterious Gatsby. The story seems ripe for the big screen — and you’d think it would be an easy transition — but others have tried and have come up short … until now.

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“The Great Gatsby” isn’t a story about giant aliens or epic battles, so one would think minimal special effects would be required. However, director Baz Luhrmann (“Romeo & Juliet,”  “Moulin Rouge!”) understood that in order to capture the essence of Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, he’d need to execute the author’s words in a way that exploded onto the screen. The result is a dazzling display of sound and color that (literally) brings the pages to life.

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Leonardo DiCaprio pretty much nails every role he takes on, and Jay Gatsby is no exception. The man knows how to bring a character to life, and when you’re playing a character who in many ways is larger than life, that know-how helps quite a bit. 

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This could be the perfect date night. See the movie, then grab a bottle of bubbly and head to the Hamptons for the weekend.