| April 7, 2014

We'd never thought we'd say this, but the sight of some guy's tattooed butt is outshining England's lovely queen-to-be.

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On Monday, Kate Middleton, Prince William and little Prince George began their Down Under tour in New Zealand, where they were greeted with a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony after making pleasantries at the Government House in Wellington.

They were also treated to more bare-bottomed dudes than the wardrobe assistants on "Magic Mike 2."

As part of the Maori welcoming festivities, men in traditional Maori garb and tattoos — such as the gentleman pictured above — performed a ceremonial war dance for the royal family, and reportedly encouraged William to join in. (No word yet on whether he took them up on that). Willam and Kate also partook in traditional Maori nose-presses called hongi, whereby they greeted each other by literally pressing their noses against one another's.

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Scroll down photos of Kate and William nose-pressing with a Maori elder, as well as a full-length shot of Kate (wearing decidedly more clothing than most of the men in attendance) having a chat with the Maori warrior above.

Kate Performing a Hongi
William Performing a Hongi
Maori Tattoo