| March 20, 2013

High school student Jake Davidson recently got the surprise of a lifetime during a live segment on the "Today" show, when Kate Upton pretty much agreed to accompany him to his senior prom.

Just a few days ago on March 17, Davidson posted a video to Twitter in which he asked the supermodel to be his date. The hopeful student then appeared on Wednesday's edition of the "Today" show for an interview, but unbeknownst to him, Upton was about to respond to his invitation directly.

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“I definitely have to check schedules, but you seem like so much fun, and if everything works out, I’d love to go with you," she said to the stunned student via telephone. "I know we’d have a blast."

And this type of occurrence isn't even that uncommon. In the past, plenty of regular folk have taken their chances and asked a celebrity to their prom, or their friend's wedding, or a Marine Corps Ball — and sometimes, it's crazy enough to work.

Here's a list of celebs who were more than happy to accompany their fans to a special event.

Justin Timberlake

U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Kelsey De Santis asked Justin Timberlake to accompany her to a Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, Virginia (via a YouTube video), and the entertainer accepted.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian flew from Miami to Greenville, North Carolina, to join Sergeant Martin Gardner at his Marine Corps Ball. Gardner had sent an invitation via email to her representatives, and claims he was confident that she would accept.

Arianny Celeste

Mixed martial arts enthusiast Conner Cordova launched a YouTube campaign to get Arianny Celeste, a popular UFC "ring girl," to accompany him to his prom. She wasn't available on that particular night, so Cordova arranged to take her to a charity event for Haiti — which he organized — instead.


As part of an MTV contest called "Once Upon a Prom," pop singer Rihanna accompanied one lucky senior to his high school's biggest night.

Linda Hamilton

Betty White was once asked to a Marine Corps Ball in Texas by Sergeant Ray Lewis. She had prior commitments, so "Terminator" actress Linda Hamilton volunteered to take her place.


R&B singer Brandy was at an event for Essence magazine when a promising high school basketball player flattered her with an invitation to his prom. Despite not knowing who he was, she flew out to Philadelphia to accompany future Laker Kobe Bryant to his high school dance.

Kristin Cavallari

Lance Corporal Jonathan Burkett asked Kristin Cavallari to his Marine Corps Ball via Twitter. "The Hills" star accepted within a half-hour, and the two eventually attended his event in Temecula, California.

Mila Kunis

Sergeant Scott Moore asked actress Mila Kunis to a Marine Corps Ball (via YouTube) while serving in Afghanistan. Kunis was actually the first high-profile celeb to accept such an offer, and accompanied Moore to his event a few months later.