| April 5, 2013

The long-awaited season premiere of AMC's "Mad Men" debuts this Sunday, returning us to the drama-filled lives of our favorite dysfunctional advertising executives.

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If you're one of the show's few fans who didn't repeatedly watch last season's episodes in anticipation of the two-hour premiere, don't worry. Allow us to refresh your memory with the following Season 6 guide.

Michael Yarish/AMC
Don Draper

Description: Creative Director/Power Napper

Where he left off: After casting his wife Megan as the lead in a new Bulter shoes commercial, Don meanders off to the bar, orders an old fashioned, and is immediately approached by a beautiful blonde who asks if he’s “alone.”

Prediction: In a vague/mysterious sort of way, Don will turn down the offer from the beautiful woman at the bar, but the offer will get the adulterous wheels turning, and eventually, he’ll be unfaithful to Megan.

Michael Yarish/AMC
Megan (Calvet) Draper

Description: Actress?

Where we left her: Megan left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to pursue her dream of lighting up the stage. But instead of working to book auditions, she worked her magic in buttering up Don to convince him to cast her in her first commercial where she will be playing “Beauty” in a Butler’s shoes ad.

Prediction: Megan will enjoy the first taste of the acting experience, and continue acting in commercials but long for something more artistic.

Jordin Althaus/AMC
Roger Sterling

Description: Founding Partner/Budding Drug Addict

Where we left him: Naked in front a window on an LSD trip. 

Prediction: As we delve deeper into the 1960s, Roger will continue to expand his mind, mend his relationships, and continue his courtship with Megan’s mother, all to surprisingly successful results.

Jordin Althaus/AMC
Pete Campbell

Description: A junior partner at the firm.

Where we left him: After being beaten up and kicked off of the train, he lies to his wife about his injuries — and she insists that he get an apartment in the city, just like he’s always wanted.

Prediction: Pete’s new-found freedom will get the best of him, and his wife Trudy will eventually find out that he’s been extremely unfaithful to her.

Jordin Althaus
Peggy Olson

Description: Head copywriter at rival firm Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough

Where we left her: At her new position, she’s just been told to sell Phillip Morris’ “top secret ladies cigarettes.”

Prediction: Although pleased with her new title, and filled with power and responsibility, she’ll start to loathe working for Don’s rival Ted Chaough and yearn for a junior partner position back at SCDP.

Ron Jaffe/AMC
Betty Francis

Description: Continuously stressed housewife.

Where we left her: Throughout the last season, she seemed irate that Don had found new love and devoted her time to turning their children against him. However, she finally seemed to show signs of a nurturing mother figure.

Prediction: Sally’s journey into maturity forces Betty to finally mature herself, in order for her to be the role model that her daughter needs. Still, she ends up feeling she’s not getting attention from her husband Henry, and tries to pursue an extra-marital affair.

Ron Jaffe/AMC
Sally Draper

Description: Twelve-year-old girl longing to be a grown woman.

Where we left her: Sally runs home after getting her period at a museum during her date with Glen Bishop.

Prediction: Sally stops irrationally lashing out at her parents after realizing that she needs their support, and hopefully stops hanging out with Glen Bishop.

Michael Yarish
Joan Harris

Description: SCDP’s newest partner.

Where we left her: She scandalously moved her way up to co-partner of SCDP by “seducing” a Jaguar account, and has bought an entire new floor to help her company’s expanding business. 

Prediction: Joan will continue to enjoy running the company in her new position, but will long for support in her personal life. She’ll eventually turn back to Roger and the two will continue their long affair.

Ron Jaffe/AMC
Harry Crane

Description: Media Buyer/Master of Awkwardness

Where we left him: Mistaking some no-name band for the Rolling Stones and stuffing his face with fast food.

Prediction: Harry strives to redeem himself, and at Don’s next birthday, he’ll get him a better gift than a walking stick.

Michael Yarish/AMC
Michael Ginsberg

Description: Copywriter/Loudmouth

Where we left him: Extremely frustrated, especially because he feels Don doesn’t appreciate any of his work after a failed attempt to woo the Topaz pantyhose company.

Prediction: Ginsberg continues to make strides and his persistence and head-butting with Don leads to his resignation.