| June 8, 2012

George Clooney. He's the dapper movie star who surrounds himself with fellow A-listers like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. This man is just about every woman's dream: he's smart, charming, funny, talented, charitable, rich, and he just doesn't know how to take a bad picture. George doesn't just look cool, he is the epitome of cool.

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However, there's one stigma attached to this seemingly-perfect man, and that's his inability to commit for good. No, it's not unique to him — plenty of men are guilty of the same behavior, but those men aren't in the spotlight, on every red carpet, or on the cover of every tabloid in the world.

As we watch the perennial bachelor and his current flame Stacy Keibler, we count the sands in the hourglass, waiting to see whether it's a fairytale for the books. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure — Clooney has amassed quite a lovely collection of exes.

Talia Balsam

Talia Balsam was the only woman to actually get Clooney to exchange vows with her, calling herself "Mrs. George Clooney" from 1989 to 1993. However, Balsam (pictured with husband John Slattery at the Emmy Awards in 2009) seems to have ruined it for the rest of the ladies, who haven't been able to get Clooney to take the plunge ever since.

Kelly Preston

As struggling actors, the pair lived together in Hollywood with the pet pig he gifted her. Alas, the pig outlasted their two-year relationship, and Preston went on to marry John Travolta.

Celine Balitran

Clooney met this French beauty in Paris, where she was studying law at the time, and brought her back to Los Angeles. She impressed everyone with the length of time she stuck around: about three years. In Clooney years, that may as well have been a lifetime.

Lisa Snowdon

Clooney and British model Snowdon, seen here arriving at the premiere of "Ocean's Twelve" in 2000, met while shooting a commercial and continued their on-again, off-again relationship for five years.

Brooke Langton

The "Melrose Place" beauty, pictured here at the premiere of "The Replacements" in August, 2000, enjoyed only a brief chapter in the Clooney history of love — just as the tabloids caught wind of their romance, they were already calling it quits.

Traylor Howard

The actress, pictured here at the premiere of "Me, Myself & Irene" on June 15, 2000, enjoyed a brief stint as Clooney's girlfriend.

Renée Zellweger

Rumors of a Clooney-Zellweger pairing first swirled in 2001, and then again in 2006, when the duo were seen holding hands numerous times after her breakup with Kenny Chesney.

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Jennifer Siebel

The actress, who had a brief fling with Clooney in 2002, is now married to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Krista Allen

Co-stars in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," Allen (pictured here at the premiere of "Intolerable Cruelty" in September, 2003) and Clooney had an on-again, off-again relationship from 2002 to 2005.

Sarah Larson

Not only did this pretty waitress FAIL to get Clooney to put a ring on it, but she managed to break her foot in the process. Larson and Clooney suffered a motorcycle accident in 2007, leaving the pair with bumps, scrapes and few fractured bones. They split up only a year later in 2008.

Teri Hatcher

This "Desperate Housewives" star dated Clooney in 2007, only to later reveal to Vanity Fair magazine how he had broken her heart. But come on — how surprised could she really have been?

Elisabetta Canalis

Clooney met the Italian beauty in Rome, but their relationship ended two years later when, coincidentally, she told a reporter that she wanted to be married someday soon.

Stacy Keibler

We're crossing our fingers for Clooney's current flame, but given the magnitude of his dating history, we can't make any promises.

Brad Pitt

It's all about the bromance, people. These two won't stop until they've made as many "Ocean's" films as it takes for us to understand that this relationship is the real thing. Watch out, Angelina — this love cannot be tamed.