Politicians in Less-Than-Flattering Photos

Politicians in Less-Than-Flattering Photos

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Life in the public eye isn't all it's cracked up to be, a fact that many politicians can attest to. Photographers and video cameras capture their every move, and once in a while, those cameras are bound to catch their subjects in an unflattering light sooner or later.

This week, for example, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was photographed in an awkward position when visiting with schoolchildren in Fairfield, Virginia.  But this isn't an isolated incident as far as awkward photo-ops go — this sort of thing happens to politicians all the time. Unfortunately for them, it's also hilarious all the time.

Let’s take a much-needed break from hard campaign news and look at some photos featuring politicians at their most awkward.

Bush and Baby

President George W. Bush holds a baby that was handed to him from the crowd as he arrived for an outdoor dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Trinwillershagen, Germany, on July 13, 2006.

Obama and Sarkozy

U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy take their places with junior G8 delegates for a family photo at the G8 summit in L'Aquilaozy, Italy on July 9, 2009.

Obama and his Teleprompter

President Barack Obama as he speaks during a campaign event at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio on August 21, 2012.

Sarkozy's Greeting

French yachtswoman Maud Fontenoy poses with President Nicolas Sarkozy of France after being awarded Chevalier of the French order of Merit in Paris on July 12, 2007.

McCain's Reaction

Senator John McCain reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Barack Obama at the conclusion of their final presidential debate at Hofstra University on October 15, 2008.

No Exit

President George W. Bush reacts as he tries to open a locked door after a news conference in Beijing  on November 20, 2005.

Yeltsin's Hug

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Dmitry Tursunov celebrate Tursunov's victory over Andy Roddick of the United States during the Davis Cup in Moscow on September 24, 2006.

Turkey and Bush

A turkey named Liberty surprises President George W. Bush at the annual turkey pardoning event at the White House on November 19, 2001.

Medal of Freedom

President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Freedom to Joe Medicine Crow-High Bird during a ceremony at the White House on August 12, 2009.

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Biden the Biker

Vice President Joe Biden talks to customers during a stop at Cruisers Diner in Ohio on September 9, 2012.