| January 4, 2013

Sunday marked the return of "Downton Abbey," the critically-acclaimed PBS television series chronicling the lives of the wealthy Crawley family (and their staff) shortly after the turn of the century.

Fans, too, are no doubt excited by the romances between Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew, Sybil and Branson, and Anna and Mr. Bates. However, things left off a bit shaky with a few of our favorite characters, as their relationships were threatened by family ties, disgrace or even murder.

Here's where each pair left off at the end of season two.

Anna and Mr. Bates

Ahh it’s nearly impossible not to love Anna and Mr. Bates. The head housemaid and valet fell wed just in time for Bates to be found guilty of murdering his former wife.  He remains behind bars in London.


Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew

After an on again, off-again romance that was waylaid by war and engagements to others, these two are finally getting married.

Reuters / AP
Sybil and Branson

After marrying the chauffeur against her family’s wishes, Sybil fled Downton to start a new life with Branson in Ireland.