By Fox News Magazine


President Obama must be looking forward to Sunday night, because his favorite television series "Homeland" is returning for a second season.

Speaking with People magazine in December 2011, the commander -in-chief relayed his preference for Showtime's newest psychological thriller as well as HBO's "Boardwalk Empire." And, when it's time to relax with the family, the president said he prefers lighter fare. "For the girls and me, "Modern Family," that's our favorite show," said Obama, referring to ABC's Emmy-winning sitcom. 

But it's no wonder that our president likes to unwind in front of the TV; most politicians have been doing it for ages. Have a look below at the interesting viewing habits of our past presidents:

Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan once stated that "Family Ties," a sitcom starring Michael J. Fox as young republican Alex P. Keaton, was his favorite TV show. A former actor himself, Reagan even offered to appear on the show, though this offer went unaccepted.

Bill Clinton

In 2007, former President Bill Clinton stated in an interview that he and wife Hillary both love "Grey's Anatomy" and try to watch it together whenever possible. Clinton also made an appearance at a TV Land event that year, where he added "Boston Legal" and "24" to his list of must-see television.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

When he wasn't entertaining guests with first-run movies, Franklin Delano Roosevelt loved watching Mickey Mouse cartoons at the White House.

George W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush, who was once the co-owner of baseball's Texas Rangers, enjoyed watching A&E's "Biography" series and (of course) baseball.

Lyndon B. Johnson

If you go to Graceland, you'll see three television sets side by side in Elvis' TV room. According to some, The King got this idea from President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had the same setup at the White House in order to monitor multiple newscasts simultaneously.

Mitt Romney

He's isn't president, but Republican nominee Mitt Romney already knows exactly how he'll set his DVR. In an interview on "Live! With Kelly and Michael," Romney said he watches ABC's "Modern Family," and likes Snooki from "Jersey Shore."