| October 15, 2012

Delilah Rene Luke is known to her radio audience as simply "Delilah."

Each night, eight million listeners across the country tune into Deliiilaaah for advice, inspiration and the occasional anecdote, all doled out with special song dedications. 

But what makes the most-listened to nighttime radio host in America the woman she is? 

The queen of love songs opens up about her large family, her faith in God, and her new book 'Arms Full of Love':

As a mother of 13, grandmother, writer and confidant to millions of listeners a night, what is your secret to success and balance?

“First off, I don’t sweat the small stuff and pretty much everything is small stuff," Delilah says. “When you go through heartbreak, you realize what’s really important and that 90 percent of stuff is not important. Think, if it’s not going to matter in five years or 10 years it’s not going to help worrying about it now.”

“Secondly, I don’t have a TV,” she says laughing.  “The third thing is, I’m blessed to work out of my home. I’m so blessed that I love what I do, my ‘office’ really is my sanctuary. It’s my safe place and it doesn’t matter what is going on in my world."

As a comforting voice to so many, what calms you in times of trouble?

“When my heart is feeling assaulted or I need to blow off steam, it definitely helps me to talk to someone,” Delilah explains. “I know that the person I’m going to talk to may not give advice but they’ll listen to me and help sort through what I’m feeling. My number one coping skill in life is talking it through.”

What song would you choose as your personal “comfort song”?

“My favorite song right now, is Edwin McCain 'I Could Not Ask For More' because I am so blessed with the goodness that God has put upon me,” Delilah says. “But my personal comfort song is by the Hawaiian artist know as “IZ” — his rendition of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' When my son passed away, I listened to that song on repeat.”

How has your faith shaped you?

“My faith is the core of all that I am,” Delilah says. “I wasn’t raised in a house that had faith, I wasn’t raised a specific faith at all. I came to my faith after I lost my brother. He became a Christian in college after he met a lovely young woman whom he married, and she had a strong relationship with God. He and his wife were killed in a plane accident and it was that accident that led me on a quest to a bigger meaning to this life. I spent years researching and praying and my faith truly became the core of all that I am.”

Do you ever feel pressure when selecting a song for someone? Have you ever felt like you’ve let a listener down?

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Delilah says. “ I’ll get an email or a note on Facebook [saying] ‘it’s my daughter’s birthday,’ and I try my best to incorporate it into our show, even a quick mention but the logistics of the show is, 250 to 300 callers a night don’t get aired and 25 of them do. I try so very hard to balance all that out but there’s just no way to get to all of it.”

You recently released your third book 'Arms Full of Love.' Tell us a little bit about it.

'Arms Full of Love' is a collection of stories from my listeners and from myself about the gift of family that God has given," Delilah says. "Ten of my children, God brought to me in really strange, amazing ways through adoption. The book is about those relationships and honoring those relationships,”  she explains. “I think so many people have expectations of the way a relationship is supposed to look and that’s not reality. I learned that the hard way. My firstborn son was healthy and then I gave birth to a child who was mentally fragile. This was not the journey that I had planned,  but through this the Lord said 'you are going to learn lessons about patience'.”

Any words of wisdom you'd like to share?

“While you’ve got this 24 hours of the day, use this time wisely. Use this time to love the people that God put into your life, love people where they are and for who they are.”