Photo credit: Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company/AP
| February 2, 2017

Advertisers are always aiming to make a memorable Super Bowl spot, but last year, they confused the word "memorable" with "terrifying."

The ads we see during the Super Bowl are always a bit surprising, but several from the latest broadcast were downright eerie. Don't get us wrong, they were all very funny and entertaining; we just can't shake the feeling that the advertising executives on Madison Avenue were deliberately trying to give us the creeps, or, in one case, a full-blown heart attack. (We're looking at you, Mountain Dew.)

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Here's ten of the strangest Super Bowl spots we saw during Super Bowl 50, and then afterward in our nightmares:

Snickers: 'Marilyn'

Remember Marilyn Monroe's iconic scene from "The Seven Year Itch"? This is like that, but with the unbridled sexiness of Willem Dafoe instead of Marilyn.

Shock Top: 'Unfiltered Talk'

In this ad for Shock Top, an anthropomorphic beer tap trades barbs with T.J. Miller, who, to his credit, is only momentarily petrified. 'Moving Day'

Jeff Goldblum is thrilled about your new apartment. He'd like to have a peek now.

Skittles: 'The Portrait'

Why would Steven Tyler commission a Skittles portrait just to ruin it? Why?!?

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Avocados From Mexico: '#AvosInSpace'

The real message of this commercial is that Scott Baio will outlive us all.

Kia: 'Walken Closet'

Do you have a walk-in closet in your bedroom? Are you sure it's not a Walken closet? Because there's a big difference. One adds tremendous value to your home, and the other is just a really big closet.

Heinz: 'Wiener Stampede'

We have to admit, this is cute. Just try not to think about what happens to all those wiener-dogs after the ad ends.

LG: 'Man From the Future'

This commercial is taking itself far too seriously. It's just a TV, Liam Neeson!

Hyundai: 'Ryanville'

Not into Ryan Reynolds? Maybe there's a town full of Ryan Goslings a little further up the road.

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Mountain Dew: 'Puppy Monkey Baby'

And finally, there's this. We can't handle it for more than six seconds. Good luck.