| September 9, 2013

If you thought Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez's duet at Swift's Staples Center gig was just a one-time thing, get ready for some big news: The two had such a good time that they're planning to collaborate on an all-new song.

Musical Duets Stranger Than Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

A source recently revealed to Us Weekly that Swift, 23, and Lopez, 44, are planning to pen the new track for Lopez's eighth studio album. There's no word on the release date as of yet — or even the name of the tune — but if it packs as much punch as their performance of "Jenny From The Block" at the last stop on Swift's Red Tour, fans are in for a treat.

"Both of them are huge fans of each other and excited to work together!" added Us Weekly's unnamed source. For proof, look no further than their Twitter accounts, where they can barely contain their mutual admiration :

What about you? Are you excited for Swift and JLo's upcoming collaboration?