| January 23, 2014

The former Victoria’s Secret model who gave up her career for Christianity has given birth to a baby boy.

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Kylie Bisutti went to Twitter and revealed that her husband, Mike Bisutti, delivered their son at home Jan. 21.

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“So thankful to God for my two guys,” tweeted the 23-year-old.

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Their newborn, Jase Michael Bisutti, is 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 19 inches long, she tweeted. In a photo posted on Twitter, the family was all smiles.

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However, Jase isn’t the only addition to the growing family. Previously, Bisutti went to Twitter Jan. 10 to announce that her mother gave birth to a “beautiful baby girl.”

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Bisutti first revealed her baby bump to the public December 2013, when she was already more than eight months pregnant. She also showed off a photo of her bathtub where the couple would welcome their first child.

“So excited that God willing this is where we will be bringing our little baby into the world,” she wrote in the caption. “In the comfort of our own home & surrounded by my wedding pictures and scripture with my husband delivering our little gift!!!”

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Currently, the new mother is running her own Christian-themed clothing company called God Inspired Fashion.
Kylie Bisutti's Bathtub