| June 28, 2013

Did you miss out on some of the week's best stories? No worries. We're once again back with The Weekly Wrap to dish out all of the latest news and fun articles you may have overlooked.

So if these tidbits flew under your radar earlier this week, or if you were simply too busy to read about them before, now's the perfect time to catch up. 

Here's what happened this week:

The first season of "Nashville" might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't reminisce about the best "countrified" looks from the show.

Twinkies are coming back. Click here for the exact date you can expect to find them on shelves.

If you're planning on catching a movie this weekend, might we suggest "The Heat"? Our reviewer says its full of rapid-fire jokes and cursing that would make a truck driver blush.

No? That's not your kind of flick? Then maybe you should stay home and rent a classic, like "Batman Returns." (By the way, did you know that Marlon Wayans was originally cast as Robin?)

There's a new mosquito on the block. Wanna know what makes this one worse than the others?

Wait, is that what we think it is? No, it couldn't possibly … Wait! Yes! It's Victoria Beckham! And she's … smiling?!?

Kris Jenner explained her granddaughter's unusual name on "The View." This oughta be good.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have something in common.

And before you dress up for the evening, why not check out the right way to wear hair extensions, bras and maxi dresses?