| August 23, 2013

Another week has come and gone, and with it, a bunch of fun Hollywood news and style stories.

But no matter how many of those articles you managed to read, there's still some that managed to slip through the cracks. Well, we climbed down into those cracks, scooped up a handful of the best stories from the last few days, and slopped them into this roundup.

Here's what you may have missed this week:

William, Kate and George released their first official family portraits, both with and without dogs.

Did you notice the dress Kate was wearing in those photos? Good luck getting one; they sold out two hours after the pictures were published.

Matt Damon calls his wife his "soul mate." Somewhere, Ben Affleck is bummed.

Not too bummed, though. He just landed the role of Batman in Zack Snyder's upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel.

Are you still thinking about Kate's dress? Just let it go already! Here, how about some nice leggings or cardigans instead?

The Obamas got a new dog. She looks almost exactly like their first dog.

These extremely good-looking supermodels make tons and tons of money.

Here's six ways to spice up your meals with Sriracha sauce. Now here's nine ways to cool down with iced coffee.

Make sure you're eating these 10 foods, though. They're believed to give you extremely beautiful hair.

September is a big month for magazine covers. See who's gracing which in our September-issue roundup.

Cluttered closet? Here's a quick tip to help thin the racks. Or, you could take this advice from the the Property Brothers and hire someone to build you a new closet.