FREE: 5 Sincerely Ink Holiday Cards

FREE: 5 Sincerely Ink Holiday Cards

Sincerely Ink has teamed up with FOX News Magazine to offer you 50 FREE Sincerely Ink credits for Holiday Ink cards (good for five US cards or three international cards). There is no end date! Add the credits to your account and use them at your leisure.

About Sincerely Ink:

The Ink App is free to download and enables you to customize and mail unique holiday cards from your iPhone, Android or tablet without a trip to the cluttered greeting card aisle — or to the post office. You can add your own photos, special notes, and other personal touches with just a few clicks. A few days later, a custom card arrives in the recipient’s mailbox! All of the cards are printed on thick, glossy card stock and they all cost $1.99 each (including postage). Ink offers a host of gorgeous templates, graphics and text options for a variety of styles.

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