Emeril on 3 Common Cooking Mistakes

Emeril on 3 Common Cooking Mistakes

Emeril Lagasse says there are three cooking mistakes many people make without even realizing it. Are you guilty of these major kitchen blunders? Watch the video above to listen to the superstar chef's tips, or read on to see what you're doing wrong in the kitchen!

1. Not using a recipe
Emeril says it's hard to cook something without knowing what the end result should be. "(People) just go in unprepared, and they don't have … a visual of what they want to cook," says Lagasse.

2. Overcooking
This common kitchen mistake has an easy fix: Emeril suggests buying a meat thermometer.

3. Cooking at too high of a temperature
"Don't have your pans jacked up to the moon," he says. "The pans get super hot, they instantly begin to start overcooking and burning the food."