Clockwise from left: How Sweet It Is, A Baking Girl, Passports & Pancakes
| August 23, 2013

Greek yogurt has probably already replaced regular yogurt as your go-to snack or smoothie mix-in, but it's not stopping there.

Nay, the makers of your favorite Greek yogurts will not be content until their product has become a necessary ingredient in every recipe you make, from breakfasts to dinners to desserts. And since it's packed with protein and low in sugar (the plain varieties, at least), there's almost no reason not to substitute the stuff for cheeses, cream or mayo in the following meals.

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Heck, after reading about these ideas, we're kind of surprised you can't gas up your car with Greek yogurt. See what we mean below:

How Sweet It Is
Caesar Dressing

Caesar dressing gets an extra creamy kick from Greek yogurt. Try this mouthwatering recipe from Jessica at How Sweet It Is, which she often slathers atop a her homemade Caesar salads with roasted corn with fresh croutons.

The Girl in the Red Kitchen
Deviled Eggs

You can sub out mayonnaise for Greek yogurt when making deviled eggs, just like Susan from The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen. Be sure to check out her recipe before whipping up your next batch.

Passports & Pancakes
Potato Salad

Greek yogurt's creamy consistency lends itself perfectly to potato salad recipes, like this family recipe from Megan at Passports & Pancakes. Her late grandfather used mayo in his original recipe, but she doesn't think he'd disapprove.

Best Friends for Frosting

Swap out some of the butter and fortify your frostings with Greek yogurt instead. Then, mix in your favorite extracts or flavorings, or simply start out with a cup of wild strawberry yogurt like Melissa from Best Friends for Frosting. Learn more about her fruity recipe here.

A Baking Girl

Surprisingly, cheese is not a necessary ingredient in cheesecake. Rossi at A Baking Girl proves the previous point with her recipe for Lemon Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cheesecake, if you don't believe us.

Vegetarian Ventures

A healthy dollop of Greek yogurt can bring together the flavors of a steamy soup, like this Maple Sweet Potato Soup made by Shelly at Vegetarian Ventures. She even pre-blends her yogurt with all-spice for a boost of fragrance and flavor.

Sustained By Love
Banana Bread

Baking with Greek yogurt can result in moister cakes, muffins and breads. Try this banana bread recipe from Gwendolyn at Sustained By Love, because seriously, who doesn't love banana bread?

Pumps & Iron
Fruit Pops

Yogurt-covered fruit pops are a healthier alternative to popsicles, and they're just as fun. Learn how to make these frozen banana pops (comlpete with crushed almonds) dreamed up by Nicole at Pumps & Iron.

Half Baked

Creamy dips get creamier with the addition of Greek yogurt. Paula at Half Baked suggests this dunkable recipe, made with peanut butter and vanilla yogurt, for apple slices, bananas or oatmeal cookies.

The Shiksa in the Kitchen
Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce gets a lighter makeover when some of the richer components are swapped out for Greek yogurt. This delicious recipe from Tori — aka The Shiksa in the Kitchen — substitutes roasted cauliflower for the carb-heavy pasta, too. (Alfredo is going to be so mad, wherever he is.)