| April 3, 2015

Every Easter, we’re bombarded with the holiday's most adorable mascots: fuzzy bunnies and baby chicks. And then we hungrily stuff them into our ravenous mouths.

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We’re referring to Peeps, the fluffy pastel candies that pop up in Easter baskets year after year. But seeing as we can only scarf down so many raw, unadulterated Peeps, we went on the hunt for recipes that incorporate those sweet, delicious marshmallow chicks in innovative and exciting ways.

RECIPE: Gummy Bear Cookies

Here’s the eight greatest ways to help Peeps reach their full potential. 

Sally's Baking Addiction
Peeps S'mores

"As lover of anything and everything s’mores, I knew I had to whip up some sort of marshmallow-y s’more using a Peep," says Sally from Sally's Baking Addiction. For this and other fun Easter recipes, click here.

Your Homebased Mom
Chocolate Covered Peeps

These chocolate covered Peeps, made by Leigh Anne at Your Homebased Mom, are even more appetizing poking out of an Easter basket. Check out the recipe here.

Burnt Apple
Peeps Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who wouldn't love a chocolate chip cookie melded with a marshmallow Peep? Traci at Burnt Apple combined two of her favorite sweet treats into this festive cookie recipe, just in time for Easter.

Lovin' From The Oven
Peeps Brownies

Not a cookie person? Try this Peeps brownie recipe from Kim at Lovin' From The Oven. Sweet slices of marshmallow Peeps are baked into every bite.

Simply Klassic Home
Peeps Popcorn

Melted Peeps permeate every morsel of this sweet, sticky treat. And as Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road notes, they're also gorgeous. Grab her gooey recipe here.

Toni Spilsbury
Peeps Frosting

Sure, you could make a frosting to top your Easter cupcakes, or as Toni Spilsbury suggests, you could melt a Peep on top instead. Head over to her blog to see how it's done.

Life's a Tomato
Ice Cream With Peep Syrup

Anita and Mike at Life's a Tomato insist that butterscotch and hot fudge can wait, because their pink Peep syrup is the proper topping for Easter "sundaes."

Baking in the 'Burg
Peeps Krispie Treats

Substitute Peeps for marshmallows in Rice Krispie treats, and you've got these Peeps Krispy treats from Michelle at Baking in the 'Burg. Check out the recipe to learn her trick for working with multicolored Peeps.