The SoHo
| February 1, 2013

Most of the time, cold is king when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Cocktails are often shaken over ice or served "on the rocks," and unless we're in England, beer is never served at room temperature.

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But what about warm cocktails? We know they’re out there; bars usually offer a few options (hot toddies or mulled wines) on their menus. But maybe we’re not as familiar with making them as we ought to be. After all, a nice hot cup of booze sounds like just the thing on a cold winter’s night.

Walter Easterbrook, the bartender at The Bowery Hotel's Gemma restaurant and lobby bar in New York City, knows just what we mean. According to Easterbrook, his patrons’ tastes seem to change as soon as the weather gets colder.

"During the fall/winter season, The Bowery Hotel receives many requests for warm beverages," says Easterbrook. "We immediately have patrons ask if we serve hot toddies. We aim to please all guests, so I’ll make as many as I’m asked."

Hot toddies, however, are only one of the cozy cocktails requested in the colder months. "Cider is popular, especially once the weather starts to turn," notes Easterbrook (this is a favorite cocktail of his because "any spirit will play well" with cider). "Our lobby specialty is our mulled wine," he adds. "During the holiday season, it’s such a big hit that we end up keeping it on the menu through the end of winter."

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And while most bartenders are more than happy to oblige those looking for a hot cup of liquor, there's no reason we can't make these — and many more — in the comfort of our own homes.

The Internet is full of amazing recipes for warm boozy beverages, and five of the best are listed below:

The SoHo
Hot Buttered Rum

Natalie Broulette at The SoHo showcases two ways to prepare this decadent rum-based cocktail: citrusy or extra creamy. Click here for both recipes.

Creative Culinary
Mexican Hot Chocolate With Tequila and Cayenne

Hot chocolate only gets better with booze. Barb Kiebel of Creative Culinary suggests springing for a premium tequila when attempting this satisfying cocktail recipe.

Kitchen Confidante
Mulled Wine

A warm glass of mulled wine is a delight on frigid evenings, but Liren Baker at Kitchen Confidante loves the stuff on rainy afternoons, too. Visit her website for the recipe.

Arctic Garden Studio
Irish Coffee

Nicole Pearce never loved Irish coffee before she perfected this classic recipe with brown sugar and a layer of heavy cream. For more of her culinary creations, visit Arctic Garden Studio.

Three Clever Sisters
Tom and Jerry

A common Christmastime drink in the upper Midwest, the Tom and Jerry is a variant of eggnog. We can thank Sara at Three Clever Sisters for the rich recipe pictured above.