| March 21, 2013

This week, the Internet was abuzz after seeing the newest sandwich from McDonald's in China: the Sausage Double Beef Burger. We only have one thing to say about that.

Calm down, everyone.

McDonald's restaurants across the globe serve up way cooler items than the Sausage Double Beef Burger, and most of them can't be approximated by simply combining a Sausage McMuffin and a Double Cheeseburger.

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Let's take a peek at a few of the best-looking items from the international McDonald's menu.

McDonald's restaurants in Germany feature McCurrywurst, a pork sausage topped with spicy tomato sauce and served with curry seasoning packets (mild or hot). For breakfast, they offer McToasts, or flatbreads with cheese and ham or bacon. A selection of rolls with honey, jam, cream cheese or Nutella is also available in the mornings.

In Turkey, the lunch menu offerings include a MegaMac, featuring four beef patties with lettuce, cheese and special sauce; and a McTurco, which is a flatbread sandwich with beef or chicken patties. The Turkish Breakfast Plate looks unusually wholesome for McDonald's, comprised of English muffins, eggs, cheese, olives and vegetables.

You won't find any beef at the McDonald's in India; instead, the menu offers up a range of chicken-based and vegetarian fare. These items include the McVeggie (made with a spiced patty of peas, carrots and potatoes), the Big Spicy Paneer Wrap (made with veggies and deep-fried paneer cheese) and the Chicken Maharaja-Mac (in essence, a Big Mac with chicken breast patties).

Mexican franchises serve McMolletes, a fast-food version of a traditional breakfast dish consisting of refried beans, cheese and salsa on a roll. The lunchtime crowd can also opt for McPatatas (fried potato wedges) instead of the traditional McDonald's fries.
Hong Kong

Customers can order one of two Twisty Pasta breakfast dishes at McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong: Sausage N' Egg or Grilled Chicken. Both options are served with vegetables and "twisty pasta" over a tonkotsu-flavored (pork bone) or chicken-flavored broth.

Customers in Italy can order focaccia bread sandwiches with salami and provolone, or the new McWraps with crunchy breaded shrimp. Sides include a serving of cherry tomatoes or seasoned potato croquettes called Slice Chips.

Spain's McDonald's restaurants sell a number of unique items. Patrons can dine on gazpacho (a cold tomato soup), the 1955 burger (touted as "the burger that marked an era"), or the McIbérica sandwich, featuring pork patties, cheese, crunchy peppers and tomato sauce. Dessert is equally exciting, with doughnuts, waffle sundaes and Oreo-flavored cake on the menu.

The McTeriyaki (teriyaki pork) and Fireo Shrimp (fried shrimp patty) burgers are staple items on the menu at McDonald's restaurants in Japan. They also serve fried chicken filets with seasoning packets (cheddar cheese or red pepper), called Shaka Shaka chicken. For a limited time, green tea McFlurries and milkshakes are also available.
United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, customers can find sandwiches like the Bacon Roll with British bacon and Heinz ketchup (or brown sauce) and the Spicy Veggie Sandwich featuring a spiced chick-pea patty with sweet chili sauce and mayo (and a stamp of approval from the vegetarian society). Fun sides include Mozzarella Dippers or Fish Fingers.

The McDonald's menu in Morocco boasts the McFondue sandwich, with a halal meat patty and a blend of melted Emmental, Gruyere and cheddar cheeses. Their snack options include the P'tit Beldi sandwich (featuring a spiced halal patty and flaxseed-topped bun) and two kinds of cheese croquettes: pepper and cheese bites or heart-shaped Emmental nuggets.