| May 27, 2013

There’s more to making this classic thirst quencher than mixing sugar, water and lemon juice.

Why prepare the same old, same old when you can brighten up your summer with a unique take on this classic favorite? With so many additional sun-kissed fruits to choose from, getting creative with this seasonal drink is easier than ever.

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We found some of the best lemonades around to keep you looking and feeling cool all summer long. Try making one (or all) for those outdoor gatherings this warm weather season:

Return to Sunday Supper
Old Fashioned Classic Lemonade

Nothing beats a classic, which is why we’re drooling over this old fashioned lemonade by Susie of Return to Sunday Supper.

Add a Pinch
Strawberry Lemonade

Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth? Robyn from Add a Pinch is serving this jewel-hued strawberry lemonade, which features homemade strawberry syrup. Robyn says you can add honey instead of sugar to naturally sweeten things up.

Add a Pinch
Green Tea Lemonade

For a sudden jolt of energy, Add a Pinch also has a crisp green tea lemonade. Perfect for those steamy summer mornings when you don’t feel like slurping on iced coffee.

Skip To My Lou
Watermelon Lemonade

Combining generous watermelon slices with ice-cold lemonade? Genius. Which is why we’re swooning over this watermelon lemonade concocted by Cindy from Skip To My Lou.

Mango Lemonade

Plateful’s Nashira highlights mango lemonade, which features a bright golden hue and the tantalizing flavor of the tropical fruit. “Serve it with a bucket-load of ice and you have the perfect cooler for sipping on a hot, hot day,” Nashira says.

Simple Craves & Olive Oil
Vanilla Bean Lemonade

During those dreary, rainy days, Ashley of Simple Craves & Olive Oil likes to brighten things up with a sweet-meets-sour vanilla bean lemonade. No sugary ice cream scoops are needed to whip up this velvety smooth drink. Just two vanilla beans are powerful enough to transform your bland lemonade into something everyone would want to taste.

Lavender Lemonade

For a blooming note, Jaime from Sophistimom adds soothing lavender to her lemonade, resulting in “a summertime drink kissed with a floral scent.” Just two tablespoons of the bud could transform your usual drink into a heavenly experience.

Tracey's Culinary Adventures
Peach Lemonade

Creating this thirst quencher requires some refrigeration time, but the wait is worth it. Tracey from Tracey’s Culinary Adventures describes her peach lemonade as super easy to make and “wonderfully refreshing.”

May I Have That Recipe
Frozen Blueberry Lemonade

What tastes like perfection on a steamy afternoon? This frozen blueberry lemonade, courtesy of chief foodie officers Vicky and Ruth of May I Have That Recipe. Using decadent blueberry sauce, icy lemonade and yes, more blueberries, this tantalizing treat is more dessert than drink — and we’re not complaining!

Savory Sweet Life
Blackberry Mint Lemonade

What did Alice of Savory Sweet Life decide to make when she bought a 10-pound case of frozen blackberries? A savory blackberry mint lemonade. Using handpicked mint leaves, Alice prepared a refreshing concoction that’s simply put — awesome. As an alternative, Alice suggests adding a shot of rum or vodka for a summer cocktail.

Make It Do
Lemonade Slush

In the mood for dessert? Calli of Make It Do suggests making her friend Becky's Lovely Mint Lemonade Slush, which tastes like your favorite childhood treat. Cool off and put the sweltering heat in its place.

Celebrating Everyday Life
Basil Limeade

No lemons? No problem! Simply grab some limes and add basil for a touch of spice. That's how Jennifer from Celebrating Everyday Life makes her basil limeade.