| January 8, 2014

Between work, errands and life in general, relationships and sex can drop to the bottom of the priority list.

Big mistake.

“Studies show that couples who have an active and passionate sex life stay together longer, report less conflict and divorce less often,” says sex therapist and author of “Getting the Sex You Want” Dr. Tammy Nelson. www.drtammynelson.com

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As humans, we crave compassion, love, attention and the actual physical release that sex provides.

“Sex is the best, natural high you can enjoy in life.  The bonus is that you share in that pleasure with your lover,” adds dating and relationship coach, Maya Ezratti. www.rewardingrelationships.net   

 “When someone is not feeling satisfied with their sex life or feels like it’s being neglected, it’s very easy for that person to either seek comfort somewhere else, become resentful toward their partner and feel rejected.”

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Protection From Straying Partners

The majority of people who cheat do so because of sexual boredom and their need for variety, while women go outside their relationships because they are not emotionally fulfilled, says psychotherapist Beatty Cohan. http://www.beattycohan.com/

This doesn’t mean that couples must have sex several times a day for a lasting relationship, unless they want to, of course.  Each individual has his or her unique sexual needs and this is where communication is key.

“If you don’t tell your partner what you want, you have very little chance of getting it,” says Nelson.

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Make Regular Dates

When spontaneous love-making becomes more difficult because of schedules and children, Cohan urges couples to make regular dates for sex.  “It gives them something to look forward to and ensures that their sex lives do not wane and disappear.”

A set date proves to one another that the relationship is important. 

“Have sex, even if you’re tired,” Nelson says. “It doesn’t have to be an all night extravaganza every-time.  Maintenance sex on a Tuesday is just as important as dress up sex on a Friday night,” she adds.

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Sexting Does A Relationship Good

Also, get in the mood for later by texting flirty messages with your love throughout the day.  Or, try changing up your sex routine.  

“If you’re tired at night, get it on in the morning, or even make time for a lunch-break quickie,” Ezratti says.  “Remember, the two of you come first in the relationship and your happiness (or unhappiness) trickles down to those around you,” she adds. 

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Sometimes you’ll be stressed, have things on your mind or you’ll be tired and just want to sleep.  But, you risk losing your love, your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend.

“Making love a priority can be as important as creating a sacred practice.  If you don’t set time aside for it, it’s not going to happen,” says Nelson.

When you’re having sex with your significant other, he or she will be thinking of you more often, will feel more connected to you and be a better partner.