| October 25, 2012

Winter can be a cold and lonely time for those who are single — but not anymore. We've got 10 snuggling substitutions that will keep you warm and comfy until the chilly weather relents and you're hit with a case of spring fever.

Bubble baths, blazing fireplaces, and lots of hot chocolate are just a few ways to feel safe and snug. Continue reading to see the best methods for warming up.

#1. Blazing Fireplace

It's nice to be alone in a room full of strangers. At night or on the weekend, camp out at a coffee shop or cafe with a fireplace to nestle up next to, and bring a guilty pleasure read like "The Hunger Games."

#2. Heating Blanket

Nobody likes jumping into icicle-cold sheets. Warm up your bed with a heating blanket before you slip in, so the sheets are nice and toasty.

#3. A Boyfriend Sweater Minus the Boyfriend

The oversize boyfriend sweater is in, so wear it proud while you still can.

#4. Find a Furry Friend

Animal companions can offer warm and loving support. Curl up with your pet or volunteer to pet-sit a friend or neighbor's dog or cat.

#5. Salsa Dancing

To get your blood pumping and your adrenaline rushing, take that salsa class you've always wanted to, or that new dance-inspired workout class.

#6. Home Spa

Make use of your tub and create your own spa experience — complete with your favorite Enya tracks. Beyond bubble bath or sweet-smelling salts, fill your bath with rose petals and citrus slices for a sweet, romantic touch.

#7. Homemade Cookies

Bake lots and lots of ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies, and perfect your own recipe. The smell is divine, comforting and warming. Eat a few yourself, but you can also make new friends by sharing them with your neighbors.

#8. Girlfriend Movies

Have you ever laughed so hard you had a hot flash? Watch a movie that is guaranteed to make you laugh until your abs hurt, like "Bridesmaids."

#9. Stretching

Stretch! It's easy to want to curl up on the couch until spring arrives, but you'll feel more energetic, looser and sexier in your own body if you do a few stretches throughout the day or while you're watching TV.

#10. Hot Chocolate or Chai

Indulge in frothy, foamy and thick hot beverages like chai tea or hot chocolate on cold mornings or evenings.