| June 6, 2012

When it comes to relationships, Steve Ward knows what he's talking about.

Host of VH1's "Tough Love," and CEO of Master Matchmakers, Ward has made hundreds of marriages happen. He gave us five personality traits men look for in a lifelong partner.

The supporter. "She stays with you through thick and thin. Life is difficult and there will be challenges for everyone. It’s important a woman can support her man through the hard times, because there will be some."

The lover. "She’s affectionate. She’s eager to please in bed. She is a passionate person in general. She’ll tell you how much she loves you."

The saver. "She’s conscious of saving vs. spending. She puts money away for things like vacations, home renovations, the kids. She is not going to blow through your income on materialistic items."

The worker. "She overcomes obstacles. She has a great work ethic, whether it’s at her job, at the gym or as the president of the PTA. She applies herself to challenges and doesn’t give up."

The winner. "She goes big or goes home and succeeds at what she sets her mind to."