The 5 Things Men Notice First About Women Will Shock You

The 5 Things Men Notice First About Women Will Shock You

Men are weird. This we know. However, we always thought we had an inkling as to what catches their eyes first on a woman … something of the face and chest persuasion.

But now that we’ve stumbled upon a Harper’s BAZAAR UK experiment that executed some good ol’ fashioned investigative journalism, we’ve come to find that we’re terribly, terribly mistaken (and in desperate need for a root touch-up and mani/pedi).

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Essentially, the BAZAAR UK editors paid a visit to their brother publication Esquire UK to ask the following: What do men notice? (Hint: They’re not exactly looking for kind eyes or a sweet smile.)

The answers and side commentary will not only shock you, but perhaps enrage you. See what we mean below.

Feet and Toes

"Imagine if Cinderella had had a bunion? The Prince would have run a mile."

The Size of Heads

"Sorry ladies. We can't blame you for this, and God knows enough of us suffer from it too, but a giant head, as Chandler in 'Friends' once discovered, is deeply distracting."

When Roots Need Re-Dyeing

"You obviously wanted to believe you were blonde/red/not gray once. So do we."