| June 6, 2012

Dinner and a movie can be fun. However, if you're looking to impress a new love interest or add a little spice to your current relationship, it’s time to kick it up a notch.

And what better way to add a little excitement to your date night than with an adrenaline rush? Here are nine daring date ideas you need to try!

Sky Dive Together: What better way to fall for each other than to literally fall with each other. Sky diving is not only exhilarating, it's an original date idea that you and your date will remember forever. Just be sure to check with your significant other before booking — they might have a fear of heights or be too scared to take the plunge.

Go Horseback Riding: Although it's not as adventurous as sky diving, horseback riding is way harder than its seems. Sign up for a beginner's lesson or book a riding tour in a romantic setting. And if the date goes sour, at least you have a good exit strategy — just gallop away. 

Try White Water Rafting: Paddling your way through rapids can be scary and challenging, but also a great thrill. Plus, it will prove to your significant other just how brave you really are. Like sky diving, be sure to double-check with your date before booking. This is not an adventure for a non-swimmer!

Go Camping: Sleeping among the bears and bugs may not be romantic, but it sure is daring. Make a fire and enjoy some delicious s'mores, and if you're really feeling brave, try sleeping tent-free under the stars. 

Hit a Nude Beach: We don't recommend this for a first date (or even a 20th date), but to each his own. Nothing is more brave than baring it all, so next time you're in a exotic locale, this is one more daring option to consider. Just to pack PLENTY of sunscreen!

Visit a Fortune Teller: There's something frightening about learning about your future. We dare you do it with your date. Even if you don't believe in the mysterious art of fortune telling, it can be a fun and entertaining. 

Take a Salsa Dancing Class: If you're not a dancer, hip shaking, spinning and dipping may seem just as scary as sky diving. Be brave and sign you and your date up for a salsa class. It will really get you out of your comfort zone. It's also extremely sexy!

Be a Daring Foodie: There are plenty of daring foods out there that are delicious and fun to try. Make a reservation at an exotic restaurant or plan a picnic with five foods you have each never tried. Even if you dislike what you eat, at least you tried something new together. 

Ride a Roller-Coaster: Flash back to childhood and visit an amusement park. Play some games, get some food, then ride the scariest roller-coaster in the park. Scared of rides? You can always grab on to your date!