| May 8, 2013

Hi Diana,

I've been dating this guy for two months. I absolutely adore him, and he feels the same way about me. However, we dance around our status as a couple. He says things like, "You're mine. I'm yours." Still, I don't know if we're exclusive or if he's dating other people. I feel like I'll appear needy if I ask if we're in a committed relationship or not. What do you think?


Hi Gabby,
It's exhausting to analyze every little thing someone says or does, only to come to a conclusion that may be incorrect anyway. My advice is to talk to him. If you two are as into each other as it seems, then he'll be happy to discuss your relationship status. I realize it's scary to bring up the subject, but it will only help you understand how to proceed with him. Should he give you the unlikely answer that he's not ready to be exclusive, then you have the option to date other people and you can guard yourself. In the more likely event that he wants to be monogamous, you two can embark on a new relationship. This is an exciting time!

Good luck!
All the best,