| March 12, 2013

Hello Diana,
One of my friends was in a very good relationship with a man and they were going to get married. Due to some issues in his family, he wasn't allowed to marry her. He ended up marrying someone else and she is still single.
Now, he is saying that he was helpless during that time, but that he still loves her more than anything. She ignored him initially, but couldn’t hold back. She loves him so much. Now, his wife is pregnant.
Could you please think about this issue and give me a suggestion? I want to give her proper advice as I am anxious about her future.


Hi Siri,

You are a very kind friend.  It’s honorable that you want to help your friend find happiness. Unfortunately, this is very complicated. I’m not quite sure if your friend’s ex-boyfriend had an arranged marriage that lacks romantic love or if he's an excellent fibber.

Regardless, your friend’s ex is married and expecting a child. I would strongly recommend, although deeply painful, that she stop communicating with him. There is no way, especially with his strong family ties, that he will divorce the mother of his child. Your friend is setting herself up for more heartbreak.

My suggestion is that you encourage her to break ties with this man so that she can make room in her life for someone who is available. 

Remember, you can only give her your encouragement; it is up to your friend to take action. Should she continue seeing her married ex, at least she will be aware of the potential consequences and you have done your part.

All the best,