| April 3, 2013

I've been divorced for about a year now. I'm 38 years old, and the dating scene isn't as much fun as people say it is. I did meet one nice woman. We've been spending time together, but she recently dropped a bomb on me. She said she doesn't believe in monogamy and would only be in an open relationship. I'm not into that. I do like her, though.

Do you think I could convince her that being with one person could be good?


Hi Sean,
You cannot convince someone to change their beliefs. Eventually, you and her will be let down. If someone tells you flat-out who they are and what they want, it is best to take the information to heart. You know that you want a traditional relationship while she doesn't. Unfortunately, it is rather black and white. You may like each other, yet you are not an ideal romantic match.
I think you can still spend time together, but I would not be exclusive. Keep your options open. Although dating can be daunting, it only takes one person to be right. Be patient and it will happen.