| April 17, 2013

Hi Diana,
My boyfriend and I just moved in together. But ever since I moved into his place, I keep having an urge to snoop. I know it's not right, but I would rather be safe than sorry. What do you think?

Hi Gabrielle,
You may have heard that old adage: "Trust is the foundation of every good relationship." So if you're already looking for an issue, you will find one — or better yet, create one.

I recommend you celebrate this new chapter in your relationship. Moving in together is a big deal that comes with a slew of changes for a couple. Choose to be happy and do not look for trouble. If you have no reason to be suspicious, then it's best to leave well enough alone. However, if there are trust issues that arise, address them directly with your boyfriend rather than doing amateur detective work.
Happiness is as much a choice as it is a state of mind. 
All the best,